About Us

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How BOTNOMICS is born

The vigorous nature of the services industry creates a very complex and challenging business environment for companies to sustain and maintain costs.

Following a complacent and conventional models to achieve success does not work very well in the current competitive market.

Increasing the manpower in proportion to business revenue has become a thing of the past. With the advent of cutting edge technologies, advanced communications and globalization, the services industry is obligated to think beyond manpower and move from cost-arbitrage based models to other effective transformational models that add value.

Candid & valiant Approach

We trust our instincts as we confidently face challenges and overcome difficult conversations. We do the right thing and aren't afraid to question the norm and speak our minds. We overcome fears, execute thoughtful actions and make tough decisions with conviction. We are Future BOTS of change

Mission Statement

BOTNOMICS wanted to bring in the latest auto-bot technology and be a pioneer in digital automation , which would help to reduce the monotonous efforts in to digitally analytical or auto healing solution or and in a way to deflect problems even before they occur.

Vision Statement

BOTNOMICS is a technology company, Pioneering in development of BOTCognitive and digitalization. we turn technology dreams in to reality & we aim to create Smarter companies With BOTIntelligence