BOT’s Changenomics - On the FLY Password Reset Solution

One Time Password – Self Service Portal

  • OTP (on time password) token based authentication over the SMS or E-Mail.
  • User can search his ID by Employee Code or Login ID and system will show masked information of personal E-Mail/ Mobile Number on the web page
  • On getting his details retrieved, user can get OTP on his registered mobile in CRM database or AD
  • OTP can also be requested on personal E-Mail ID of any employee as per CRM records
  • OTP sent to User’s mobile or E-Mail is stored in encrypted format in SQL Database
  • This password (OTP) will be valid for 30 minutes and valid only once
  • Email alert is triggered to end user mailbox for each OTP request
  • User can perform change password/Unlock Account using OTP.
  • This web site is Published over the Internet on HTTPS using 128 bit Verisign SSL certificate
  • Information regarding personal E-Mail / Mobile would remain masked like any other banking site
  • Personal E-Mail ID and Mobile Numbers are picked from CRM/AD database and no manual request will be entertained to register any new number
  • The web page is integrated with captcha images for better security control


  • Better User productivity and efficiency
  • Instant Self Service OTP which is valid for 30 minutes only
  • 128-bit Encryption for higher security and Captcha Image Security for dual security
  • Reduced calls/tickets for IT
  • Newer and changing technology adoption for Identity Verification