BOT’s License Management

BOTLicenseMangement(BLM)- Introduction

BLM gives you clear and simple visibility of your entire software estate, across PCs, enabling you to make immediate reductions in software costs, providing the information you need to prepare for a software audit. BLM financially quantifies all unused software and it can initiate automatic user-centric software reclaims

BLM does four key things:

  • Discovers all the unused software
  • Financially quantifies the waste caused by that unused software
  • Reclaims and reuses the unused licenses
  • Provide a savings report within one month

BOTLicenseMangement – Features

  • To Present accurate inventory of all the software's across all the PC’s.
  • To know how much Unused Software, you have across your PCs.
  • To know what your Current License liability is.
  • To have anyways of right-sizing your License Allocations.
  • To Automatically and reliably Reclaim Unused Software in a user-friendly way and drive down software costs.
  • To Restrict the Access to the Prohibited Applications