BOT License Store

End Used Problem Statement

  • Two thirds of users have to wait a week or more to get software they request.
  • Nearly half of users believe the process for requesting software is inefficient and time consuming.
  • More than two-thirds of users feel it would be quicker and easier to find and install software themselves, rather than calling the Service Desk
  • Can IT improve the value they provide to end users, the way end users want?
  • Can this be done while reducing Service Desk cost?
  • Can IT departments deliver consumerization in reality?

    Shopping cart/ Approval System / Self Service / ITSM Integration

    Web Portal

    For all Applications & Software

    Approval Process

    Empowers business managers to decide


    Users get what they need when they need


    Integrates with 3rd party ticketing systems


    • Consumer ShoppingCart for Corporate IT – Provide end users the experience of consumer-grade App Store within corporate IT environment.
    • Enhance End-user Productivity – Reduce “Request to Deploy” cycle time substantially, and let end-user start working immediately.
    • Optimize Application License Utilization – Software Rental allows applications to be rented by end users for a time-limited period, after which it is automatically removed. Utilize licenses fully.
    • Flexible Workflows for Business Approval – Approval workflow can be customized. Approvers are informed through actionable emails. Reduce time spent by expensive resources on non-value added tasks.
    • License Count Tracking – Software availability to end users can be controlled through management of license counts with configurable thresholds for notification to application responsible. Never allows more installations than configured, eliminates license liability.