BOT Migration suite


BOT Migration suite

Computer rebuild, new computers to build and deliver every year, and keeping systems up to date, IT has to be stretched just keeping the business running.

Automation is the only way to be able to cope with the load and still have the time to deliver on business initiatives. BOT Migration suite is a unique solution to cover end-to-end Windows management and deployment.

The BoT Windows Migrate Solution

Content Distribution

Worry-free content distribution that removes the need for remote distribution point servers and protects network bandwidth allowing distribution to happen at any time.


End users request their computer rebuilds, Windows 10 migration or new computer with automation for the entire process.

Application Migration Usage

based policies ensure applications are ready to go even after an OS rebuild or wipe and load upgrade to Windows 10. Unused applications can be removed or standard versions updated.

Windows Deployment

Unique automation for enabling UEFI and advanced Windows 10 security features across all brands of hardware