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SELF-HEALING Prevent Problems when they occur

BOTMinds Endpoint Automation offers an effective Self-Healing system where problems can be automatically diagnosed and solved based on a predictive Self-Healing architecture. The system identifies underlying faults/defects and takes corrective actions to fix the problems itself, thereby eliminating calls to the help desk.

This model is scalable, extensible and can be deployed across systems to optimize operational efficiency, reduce costs and save time and effort. Auto Error Detection, Instant Diagnostics, Automated Resolutions, Patch Updates and Real Time Alerts are just some of the prominent features of the Self-Healing system.

Assisted/Self - SERVICE

Empower users to solve PC problems with/without help-desk intervention!

BOTMinds Endpoint Automation recognizes that customers prefer taking charge of situations themselves rather than relying on a third person interaction to solve issues. In an era where ‘Customer empowerment’ and ‘Help yourself’ are the common buzz words, BOTNOMICS solutions offer a whole range of tools that can be used by customers themselves to find accurate answers conveniently and immediately. This approach drastically reduces issue resolution time.

This model offers both online and offline support options. While Solution Toolkit, Repair/Restore, System Check, One Click Fixes, Offline FAQs are some of the prominent offline features; One Click Solutions on Intranet, Personalized Search, Web Incident Management, Interactive Portal, Intelligent Escalation are some of the online features of the Self-Service tool.

Prevent Problems before they Occur

BOTMinds Endpoint Automation Solution provide necessary information you probably wouldn’t have discovered on your own until it’s too late. It fetches required information through constant monitoring of call dumps, system issues, frequent errors, etc. Reporting problems after they have already happened limits your choices.

Our solutions play a vital role in providing easy to comprehend metrics on frequently faced problems; leaving you with information that can facilitate issue resolution in a proactive manner rather than magnified problems that are far more complex to address