BOT’s – SoftwareDistrubution (BSD)

BOT’s Software Distribution - Introduction.

BSD is the smartest, most cost-effective way to distribute software across the enterprise

What’s stopping you transforming your IT landscape? Conventional methods of software distribution are costly, complex and manual. With BOT Intelligence you can achieve huge savings across your SCCM infrastructure while actively improving your business’s performance. BSD bandwidth throttling removes the competition between IT and business traffic, and its peer-to-peer delivery eliminates servers and complexity from the network. With BSD you can treat complex, distributed networks as simple and local, delivering transformative cost savings across the enterprise.

Key Features

  • Reverse QoS Only Uses Spare Network Capacity
  • Single Site Download (SSD) accelerated Peer-to-Peer Software
  • Distribution with FanOut
  • Tight Integration With SCCM
  • App-V Support Optimized for All Clients
  • Enhanced OSD Capabilities
  • PXE Everywhere Removes the Need for Dedicated PXE Servers
  • Full WinPE Support