BOTMinds Endpoint Automation offers an effective Self-Healing system where problems can be automatically diagnosed and solved based on a predictive Self-Healing architecture...

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WOKA – BOT Analytics

WOKA- The Bot Analytics – From Transition to Transformations. Transition, Service desk, EUC, Field Support, Transformation...

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BOT’s License Management

BLM gives you clear and simple visibility of your entire software estate, across PCs, enabling you to make immediate reductions in software costs, providing the information you need to prepare...

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BOT’s Changenomics

OTP (on time password) token based authentication over the SMS or E-Mail. User can search his ID by Employee Code or Login ID and system will show masked information of personal...

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BOT’s Migration Suite

Computer rebuild, new computers to build and deliver every year, and keeping systems up to date, IT has to be stretched just keeping the business running. Automation is the only...

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BOT’s - Software Distrubution

BSD is the smartest, most cost-effective way to distribute software across the enterprise. What’s stopping you transforming your IT landscape? Conventional methods...

BOT’s License Store

Two thirds of users have to wait a week or more to get software they request. Nearly half of users believe the process for requesting software is inefficient and time consuming

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BOT’s It Hub

BOTNOMICS along Brewesign Design mission is simple: Develop Interior and Exterior design experiences that are distinctive, compelling and of superb quality and individuality.

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